Loosed from Discouragement

thou art loosed

Discouraged is a feeling that I most certainly have been encountering since this whole thing began.  Again, I am travelling through T.D. Jakes’ Holy Bible Woman Thou Art Loosed during this fast.

[Okay, this is the cool part.  Well, I find it cool.  If you hover your mouse over the Scriptural references, you will get a small pop up (friendly, I promise!) that gives you the text from the Scripture!  Simply click anywhere on the white space of the box to get rid of it and move to the next.  If you don’t find that cool, I really don’t have any other tricks for you today.  Try tomorrow : ) ]

My favorites are Galatians and Hebrews.  I feel like I have been trying to do the “right thing” and never getting anything but pain for my efforts.  This passage in Galatians reminds me that even though I may be weary, not to be!  As long as you continue to fight your way through the storm, you WILL reap in the season that God chooses for you.  Hebrews reminds me that doing the will of God is necessary in order to receive the promise fulfillment.