Woman, Thou Art Loosed!

 thou art loosed

I chose this version of the Holy Bible to aid me in my re-discovery of my spiritual armory to get me through this tragic moment in my life.  T.D. Jakes’ books have helped me more than once and I have high expectations that this will bring me closer to what I seek.

My Problem

I do not believe in divorce.  Never have.  It’s the singular reason why I have never been married before now.  If I could not envision being with that person forever, I could not bring myself to tie myself to them for eternity.  So, imagine how lost I feel right now when the God I serve has apparently allowed me to embark on this incredulous mistake of matrimony.  In a way, I suppose it is best that my wonderful husband is not even interested in trying to keep our marriage together because it would require that I make a choice to try again.  This way, I have no choice.

My solution

My solution is gaining knowledge of the purpose of my struggle.  God does not allow anything to happen to His children without there being an intent for us to learn, grow, move past our limitations.  There is no lesson that He wants to teach us that does not bring us closer to Him.  So, I embark on my journey and it consists of these themes in the order that I feel the most urgent:

  1. Loosed from Anger
  2. Loosed from Discouragement
  3. Loosed from Depression
  4. Loosed from Marital Problems
  5. Loosed from Financial Stress
  6. Loosed to Forgive Others
  7. Loosed to Stand Strong

Journey with me!