Can’t Raise A Man

How have I not heard of K. Michelle before?  I am loving her work!  She says the things that many women want to say but feel like they can’t.  Her explicit claim of “No F**** Given” is energizing and oddly enough, empowering.  Her lyrics are simply — the truth. Unashamed, unabashed and minus the need for apology. When I heard Can’t Raise A Man, I was bobbing my head for what seemed like an eternity.  Every line in her song was absolutely true.  Could she be the new champion of female empowerment and strength? My favorites songs of hers include:

  • Can’t Raise A Man
  • She Can Have You
  • I Just Wanna

I am not ashamed to admit that when my loser soon-to-be ex texts me, I hear the beginning of Tomorrow Too Late, “I ain’t f****** with you no more.”  Shameless?  Perhaps.  Real?  Definitely…


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