Loosed from Depression

  thou art loosed

I cried everyday for a week after he left.  I spent the time after that putting my brave face on mainly because my eyes were getting red and puffy — hard to explain that to clients.  I actually had to place cold washcloths over my eyes to normalize their appearance.  I thought to myself — this can’t be good.

[Okay, this is the cool part.  Well, I find it cool.  If you hover your mouse over the Scriptural references, you will get a small pop up (friendly, I promise!) that gives you the text from the Scripture!  Simply click anywhere on the white space of the box to get rid of it and move to the next.  If you don’t find that cool, I really don’t have any other tricks for you today.  Try tomorrow : ) ]  If you have been following my blog in sequential order or one after another in this fasting series, you’re probably wondering why I keep this part in.  It’s merely for those who start in random spots and may not know.  Quite nice of me, right?

I’m clinging to the promises found in the Scriptures.  That the Lord will hear me and deliver me from my problems.  That my weary soul will be satiated and my sorrowful soul will be replenished.  That God will exalt His children in due time.  I need these truths to expand the meaning in my life.  In my suffering.

My fast, thus far, has been a wonderful cleansing for me, it has reignited that spiritual flame that had so briefly gone out.

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