Who Am I ?


Who am I?  I go by the name of Miss Lady.  I am a singer, lyricist, poet, spoken word artist, yet to be discovered author, college graduate, entrepreneur, and yes…Diva! Join me for self discoveries, earth shattering revelations (well, maybe not all of them) and just a general journey toward Piece of Mind Isle! 

I am many things but perfect is something I am not.
I struggle through the day to day routines
…and schedules
And I sometimes fumble the ball
When it’s passed to me.
I screw up from time to time
Frequently forfeit my ability to win.
But even the Good Book says
That what makes a man righteous
Is the fact
That even after he falls he knows enough to

I don’t claim to be righteous but I do my best to get back up again!

I Started My Blog Because…

Really, there are many reasons as to why I began my blog.  Several of my friends encouraged me to blog about my experiences, to which I responded with haughty disdain.  Blog?  Ha!  I am a private person.  Putting my thoughts and feelings out into the world is the polar OPPOSITE of my DNA.  But then I thought about it.  What is the difference between writing a book and writing a blog.  Obviously, there are some mechanical differences as well as the “immediacy” of publishing and making it available to the public.  However, the intent is the same:  to share experiences either real or fictional in nature with the masses.  As I have begun the wonderful journey of writing my upcoming book, blogging about these more immediate struggles began to seem natural.

I started my blog because I’m hoping that at least ONE person will read this and understand the following:

  • You can come back from bad relationships and survive
  • Being a Christian does not mean you do not struggle (oh and struggling does not mean that you are not a good Christian)
  • There is NO excuse for domestic abuse
  • Being the black sheep of your family does not spell doom for you in your own life
  • People WILL let you down, but you can have your OWN back
  • As a survivor of rape you do not only have two choices (either to be promiscuous or hate men altogether) you can choose to invent a middle ground
  • People do not dictate who you are — only YOU have the power to do that
  • Mortals fall.  It’s what we do.  But if you fall — get back up again! 

I write when motivated to do so and that means I will NOT be promising daily posts — but what I will strive to do is post relevant and meaningful material that acknowledges some important points as well as identification with my past and present struggle!

Contact me.  (Well, only if you want to!)